04-27-2018 Firearms Coalition of Colorado Legislative Update The Billionaire-funded Hard Left is on the March! We need to up our Game!

We have endured another “Gun Week at the Capitol,” or as Senate President Grantham called this session, “The Theater of the Absurd.”
Follow the action at the Web Site http://leg.colorado.gov/. All past committee votes were party-line votes.
SB 18-052, by Senator Hill (R-SD 10) Repeal Ammo Magazine Prohibition, passed in the Senate. Bill killed in the House State Affairs Committee on 04-25-2018.
SB 18-185, by Senator Smallwood (R-SD 4) Deadly Physical Force against an Intruder at a Business, passed in the Senate. Bill killed in the House State Affairs Committee on 04-25-2018
At both hearings, anti-gunners outnumbered pro-gun witnesses. The self-righteous anger and assumed moral and intellectual superiority of the Hard Left were loudly proclaimed by what we can now call the “Gun Ban Movement.” They all “support” the Second Amendment, but they want to ban semi-auto firearms and make it as hard as possible to buy and own a gun. Contact GOP bill sponsors and committee members to commend them for a very difficult job well done.
A Democrat victory in CO in the 2018 Mid-Term Elections will result in a semi-auto firearms ban, probable background checks to buy ammo, roll-back of concealed carry, Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), aka Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs), also called “Red Flag” Protection Orders, and new “safe-storage” laws. A Hard Left victory at the Federal Level would be a national disaster for all gun owners and supporters of the Bill of Rights.

The Boulder City Council is working on a new “Assault Weapons” Ban. The current draft bans all semi-auto rifles with magazine wells, including .22s, and turns magazines of over ten rounds into contraband. This is the Hard Left’s vision of the future. Read The Shadow Party and Rules for Radicals to understand the threat.

GET POLITICALLY ACTIVE NOW! CAMPAIGN TO SUPPORT ELECTABLE, PRO-GUN CANDIDATES FROM THE MOST PRO-GUN MAJOR PARTY! We have to up our game, or the Left will destroy the Second Amendment. Protest votes are futile.
Expect an ERPO bill in CO this session. If it comes, it will move like lightning through the Colorado House. Our chance to kill it will be in the Senate State Affairs Committee. Please contact your State Representative and State Senator in opposition to any ERPO or Red Flag bill that denies an accused person the right to confront his or her accuser, before losing firearms to police seizure. ERPOs typically rely only on the word of current or former domestic partners, family members, or police.
Please support The Firearms Coalition of Colorado ($ 35/year) in its efforts to protect the rights of our citizens to armed self-defense against crime, corruption, terrorism, tyranny, and genocide.

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