More 2015 Pro Gun Bills in Colorado legislature

Here’s an update from the Firearms Coalition of Colorado. These are Pro-gun bills not yet voted on in committee:

SB 15-175, by Senators Holbert (R-30) and Cooke (R-13): would repeal HB 13-1224, the onerous and badly-written magazine ban rammed through by the Democrats. SB 15- 175 has some Democrat support.

HB 15-1138 by Rep. Ransom (R-44): would allow a concealed carry permit to substitute for a background check during the transfer of a firearm subject to HB 13-1229.

HB 15-1168 by Rep. Neville, P. (R-45): would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry concealed on public elementary and secondary school properties.

Please contact your state senator and representative in support of the bills that are still alive in the legislature. There will most probably be many additional bills this year.



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