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Bullet Ban Busted! (at least for now …)

This just in from the National Shooting Sports Foundation:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) will not move forward with its proposed framework to ban commonplace 5.56 M855 “green tip” ammunition at this time while it reviews the record number (more than 80,000) comments it has received so far. ATF will continue to accept comments through March 16.

NSSF, as the trade association for the firearms industry, looks forward to engaging in a dialogue with ATF to address this issue that led to the now withdrawn proposal. Our industry members hope to meet consumer demand in bringing alternative ammunition products to the market and to continue to sell the popular M855 rifle target ammunition. NSSF continues to strongly urge ATF to grant 32 long-pending petitions to exempt alternative rifle ammunition designed and intended for the hunting market.


What’s Obama’s Bullet Ban all About?

The White House has called for a ban on military surplus ammunition that is used in the AR-15 rifle. The ammunition is the M855 “green tip” cartridge in 5.56 caliber. The reason is that the bullet in the M855 has a steel tip that may pierce soft body armor. There is some debate about whether this meets the definition of armor piercing ammunition.  The Administration and the BATF wants to ban the sale of surplus M855 to the public.

If their proposal is approved, it will result in a ban on the sale of commonly sold rifle ammunition used by gun owners for hunting, target shooting and self-defense. Write the BATFE and your members of Congress and express your opposition to this proposal. You may call your members of Congress at 202-224-3121.

This is a complicated technical issue. For the full analysis, check out this link: