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Blue Tuesdays at Shoot Indoors in October

Due to the recent threats to Law Enforcement in Colorado, Shoot Indoors is proud to announce a special offer to Law Enforcement Officers, Deputies, Patrolmen, Sheriffs and Troopers.

For the month of October on Tuesdays, Law Enforcement Officers, Deputies, Patrolmen, Sheriffs and Troopers will shoot FOR FREE (no range fee) upon production of a L.E. identification card.

Officer’s family members may also shoot with the officer for $10 each.

It’s our way of supporting those who hold the thin blue line between law abiding people and the bad guys.


We Get Letters …

This is an excerpt from an email we received recently from a Shoot Indoors customer:

“I’m the first person in my family to own a firearm. Needless to say, my family was extremely worried, and the normal line of questioning ensued. Why do u need a gun? You’re going to have an accident, you don’t know what you’re doing. etc etc. And at first I was even a little skeptical about my purchase and began doubting. But after taking some courses at Shoot Indoors, and learning so much from Levi and John, I feel comfortable enough in protecting myself and those around me from accidents and enough about general firearm safety that I am aware of how to make sure my firearm is as least dangerous as possible to those it is meant to protect. …

It has become a hobby that is soothing and de-stressing, a skill I feel is fun and rewarding to practice, and living downtown, I no longer feel uncomfortable at night in knowing that if necessary I have the means of keeping myself safe. …

Overall I have to say that Shoot Indoors is the best place to learn, from ex-cops, knowledgeable enthusiasts, and even experts on how to keep you from legal recourse should you ever need to protect yourself, the network of people involved with Shoot Indoors has every bit of knowledge you could possibly need in owning and using a firearm and I would recommend them to anyone from beginners just starting out and even advanced firearms owners who are looking to improve skills and gain knowledge in the field. Best price I could find online and even offered more hours of training than more expensive courses!! Shoot Indoors, Thank you for everything. I really have the peace of mind needed in being a first time firearm owner and look forward to improving my skills and knowledge with the community of experts you have gathered up there in Broomfield!”


Remembering 9/11


Remembering 9/11

This Friday, September 11 marks the 14th anniversary of the

terrorist attacks in America:

American Airlines Flight 11 (One world Trade Center)

United Airlines Flight 175  (Two World Trade Center)

American Airlines Flight 77 (Pentagon)

United Airlines Flight 93 (Shanksville, PA)

Please take a moment to remember not only those occupants of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the passengers and crews of the commercial airliners, but also all the emergency responders: firefighters, medics  and police who ran toward the devastation and all the military people who later gave their lives and continue to do so to defend Freedom (and deliver payback.)