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Warning all Gunowners!! Colorado “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation bill (HB19-1177) has passed out of Committee

Late Night Update from the State Capitol: The “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation bill (HB19-1177) just passed committee by a party-line vote of 7-4. The bill would allow SWAT teams to barge down the doors of law-abiding gun owners and seize firearms without due process based on anonymous complaints. #coleg #copolitics

Now this dangerous bill is off to the House Floor where it could be voted on as soon as Friday morning.

Sign your petition: and then Contact your Representatives and urge them to vote NO on HB19-1177.

Copy and paste the addresses below into your email and send them all a quick message:

“As a Colorado voter and supporter of the Second Amendment I insist you vote NO on the Gun Confiscation Bill, HB19-1177. RMGO will let me know how you vote.”

Colorado Democrats reintroduce “red flag” gun bill at statehouse

Passing this along from Steve Schreiner, President of  Firearms Coalition of Colorado:
The “Red Flag” or ERPO (Emergency Response Protection Order) has finally been brought out in the Legislature. It is HB 19-1177 by multiple Democratic House (Garnett and Sullivan) and Senate (Court and Pettersen) sponsors.
It is even worse than last year’s bill, to be able to seize your guns without Due Process (your civil rights) by a considerable amount. Enough so, that House Minority Leader Neville says that recalls of individual legislators is most likely in order.
In order to thoroughly read and understand the bill, you must refer to laws or prior existing statutes already in the law, (C.R.S., or Colorado Revised Statutes) that are incorporated in to the bill.

Fear & Loading: Only 342 Guns “Certified” in Boulder

This an excerpt from American Rifleman magazine:
“Only 342 guns have been inspected and certified by the Boulder, Colo., Police Department, despite a new city ordinance that required residents to do so before Jan. 1 to retain legal possession of those that fall under the municipality’s definition of “assault weapon.” The seemingly low number for a city of more than 100,000 was confirmed this week, and authorities there volunteered the fact that the figure reflects firearms, rather than the number of owners who complied—many people brought in more than one.

The Boulder Police Department’s website explains guns that fall under the new law include any “Semi-automatic center fire rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and that have any of the following characteristics: A pistol grip or thumbhole stock; A folding or telescopic stock; Any protruding grip or other device to allow the weapon to be stabilized with the non-trigger hand.”

The city council’s unanimous vote in May didn’t overlook pistols, either. Center-fire versions capable of magazine loads by any other method than through the grip or carrying an off-hand stabilizing device are also included. The law enforcement FAQ explains the certification requirement also applies to, “All semi-automatic shotguns that have any of the following characteristics: A pistol grip or thumbhole stock; Any feature capable of functioning as a protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand; A folding or telescopic stock; A fixed magazine capacity in excess of 5 rounds or the capacity to accept a detachable magazine.”

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