Ammunition Buy-Back Program

Due to the ammunition shortage, we are currently offering CASH to buy back ammunition from our patrons. If you have extra ammo at home and would like to convert it back to CASH read on…

We will pay cash for 9mm and .223 (5.56) ammunition (prices below)
Ammunition must be in ORIGINAL FACTORY packaging
Must have five (5) boxes MINIMUM
Only brass or aluminum cased ammo is accepted (aka non-magnetic)
Transaction will take place during business hours at any Shoot Indoors location
Commercially-made ammunition only (no home reloading)
Anyone who brings in more than 500 rounds will receive two (2) FREE range passes!

Market Price as of 12/9/20
9mm 50 round box: $ 20
.223 Remington (5.56 NATO) 20 round: $ 12

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