The Brits still don’t understand that self defense is a basic human Right

A few customers have asked me why I left England to come to America; one reason was so I could own guns. Here’s an example of outdated, politically correct thinking in England. The Brits have been effectively disarmed since the 1960s–except for criminals and terrorists of course.

“The city council in the United Kingdom port city of Plymouth gave their finest impression of George Orwell’s Thinkpol this week, when the council formally admonished Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez for her off-the cuff comments to a BBC Radio program following the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. According to reports, Hernandez’s mere suggestion that an armed citizenry might be capable of providing some protection against terrorist violence proved too much for the council to tolerate.

During a June 12 interview on BBC Radio Cornwall, Hernandez was asked by a caller, and licensed gun dealer, “If there should ever be a terrorist attack, what happens if I and other people try to defend themselves using those guns? What would be the repercussions?” Hernandez responded that this type of citizen response “might be some of our solution to our issues.”

When pressed further on the topic by the BBC Radio host, Hernandez added, “I’m just saying, let’s officially have a look at that and see what would be the implications of it…. We work with businesses to keep our communities safe. I’d really be interested in exploring that with the chief constable.”

The negative official response to Hernandez’s sensible comments was immediate. The same day as the radio interview, Devon and Cornwall Deputy Chief Constable Paul Netherton issued a statement rebutting Hernandez’s comments. The response read, “Under no circumstances would we want members of the public to arm themselves with firearms, not least because officers responding would not know who the offenders were, and quite obviously they would not have the time to ask.”

John; “Well Chief, the offenders would be the ones shooting innocent people and the defenders would be the honest citizens shooting the bad guys. One more reason why I’m so glad I live in America!”

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