Citigroup sets new policy restricting gun sales by its clients reports: “Setting itself apart from other major Wall Street banks, Citigroup took a stance in America’s renewed debate on gun control through a commercial firearms policy announced Thursday. Citi is now mandating that the bank’s new retail sector clients or partners restrict the sale of firearms for people younger than 21 and not sell “bump stocks,” which accelerate the firing of semiautomatic weapons, or high-capacity magazines. The policy also requires those clients not to sell firearms to someone who has not passed a background check, including those whose background checks have not returned after the federally mandated three-day waiting period.

Ed Skyler, Citi’s executive vice president for global public affairs, said in a statement that clients that choose not to adhere to the policy will have their businesses transitioned away from Citi.”

Here’s my personal opinion: when my wife found out that her credit card company had severed business ties with the NRA, she cancelled her credit card and got one from a pro Bill of Rights credit card company. That is one way that we all can make the point that the Bill of Rights is a complete package, and we should not pick and choose the parts that we like or don’t like.


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