Colorado Democrats reintroduce “red flag” gun bill at statehouse

Passing this along from Steve Schreiner, President of  Firearms Coalition of Colorado:
The “Red Flag” or ERPO (Emergency Response Protection Order) has finally been brought out in the Legislature. It is HB 19-1177 by multiple Democratic House (Garnett and Sullivan) and Senate (Court and Pettersen) sponsors.
It is even worse than last year’s bill, to be able to seize your guns without Due Process (your civil rights) by a considerable amount. Enough so, that House Minority Leader Neville says that recalls of individual legislators is most likely in order.
In order to thoroughly read and understand the bill, you must refer to laws or prior existing statutes already in the law, (C.R.S., or Colorado Revised Statutes) that are incorporated in to the bill.

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