Why husbands shouldn’t choose guns for their wives

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon in the past two and a half decades that I’ve been teaching basic firearms classes. It begins when the students bring their own guns to class. Invariably, one of the ladies walks in with a pistol that is either a four pound, nine-inch barrel, .50 caliber hand cannon designed to bring down low flying dinosaurs, or it’s an ultra light, compact semi-auto pistol with short grips, teeny sights and a heavy duty recoil spring that makes it difficult to run the slide to load the first round into the chamber.

When I tactfully inquire why they chose that particular pistol they usually answer, “My husband got it for me.” This is not the best way to introduce your wife (or anyone else) to pistol shooting.  Instead, try starting out with a pistol or revolver chambered for the highly popular .22 Long Rifle cartridge. It’s accurate, has low recoil and muzzle blast and the ammunition is the cheapest out of all the handgun cartridges. At Shoot Indoors we currently have a .22 revolver and a few different models of .22LR semi-autos for rental on our range.


Author: bryan