Indiana Carry Licenses Are Now Absolutely Free

Short Of Going Full Permitless, Hoosiers Instead Decided Just To Make All Licenses Free.
One part of Indiana’s HB 1284 removes all fees associated with the cost of obtaining a handgun license, in addition to removing some prohibitions on guns at schools and providing immunity and court costs for justified use of force in certain instances.

The Indiana House voted for the bill by 64-17, while the Senate approved it by 37-7. The Governor made a statement about the bill’s removal of licensing fees, saying,

“Removing any and all barriers for lawful carry in our state is significant for the many Hoosier gun owners who want to protect themselves and others.”

This bill makes Indiana the first state to offer a permit without a fee of any kind, and one of only eight requiring a permit that requires no training of any kind. The permit is available only to Indiana residents, but the state has reciprocity agreements with 32 other states.

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