Red Flag Bill Up for Second Reading and Amendment on Thursday, 03-21-2019 in Colorado State Senate

This comes from The Firearms Coalition of Colorado:

The Democrats slipped the Red Flag Bill (HB 19-1177) through the Senate Appropriations Committee this morning with less than 24-hours notice. The Bill is scheduled on the Floor of the Senate this Thursday. This is our last real chance to amend or kill this dangerous bill that turns due process on its head and threatens to subject honest citizens to dangerous confrontations with heavily armed SWAT teams. This bill can only be interpreted as an effort to divide citizens from law enforcement in Colorado.

On Peter Boyles’s AM710 radio show this morning at 8:15 am, Lesley Hollywood of Rally for Our Rights told Peter that the CO pro-2A Sanctuary County count, actual and now proposed on CO County Commissions’ agendas, is up to 34. There are 64 counties in total in our state. To kill the Red Flag bill (HB19-1177), also called the Extreme Risk Protection Order bill, she says to call:
A. Your own State Senator 303.866.2316 888.473.8136
B. Sen. Kerry Donovan, rural constituency 303.866.4871 970.279.1876
C. Sen. Leroy Garcia, President of the Senate 303.866.4878
You can locate your elected officials on the State Website at

The Firearms Coalition of Colorado

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