Where’s Evan?

Our regular customers have become used to seeing Evan, our resident
gunsmith/armorer behind the front desk, but a few days ago, there was a different gunsmith who showed up. He sort of looked like Evan, but he didn’t have Evan’s signature red hair and red beard—in fact, he didn’t have any hair at all!
And he was a lot quieter that Evan usually is.
It turns out, it was Evan’s twin cousin, Larry, who is standing in for Evan for a few days.
You see, Evan has taken up a new hobby called Mensur, which is a traditional form of fencing and dueling that originated in Germany and Austria in the early 1800s. In Mensur, the duelists use real swords with razor sharp blades! They get cut—a lot!
Evan had his first session a couple of weeks ago and took a nasty blow to the head (see the picture) but that is all part of the sport.
So next time you are in Shoot Indoors, please remember to ask “Larry” how Evan is doing.

Evan scar[6735]

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