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Concealed Carry CCW in Colorado

Are you a
Colorado resident
interested in obtaining a
Concealed Carry Permit (CCW)?

Colorado laws are changing on the CHP class requirements for both students and instructors, effective August 7th, 2024

Be Informed...

STUDENTS: Be aware that any Colorado CCW classes after August 2024 require a minimum of eight (8) hours of in-person training and a LIVE FIRE shooting exercise.

INSTRUCTORS: Be aware of the new length and live fire requirements, and also be aware that you need to be VERIFIED by the county sheriff before teaching the class.

Shoot Indoors locations do allow outside instructors to use their ranges, as long as they follow the requirements HERE

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Common Questions:

YES, effective August 7th, 2024, every concealed handgun training class must provide a minimum of eight (8) hours of instruction, including a live-fire shooting exercise.

You will need to take an in-person 2-hour refresher course that includes updates on law changes, a written exam, and a live-fire shooting exercise. The course must be completed within six months prior to submitting a renewal application.

Yes, as long as your instructor is certified, verified, and insured. If you are not sure, ask them. Every outside instructor must meet our requirements above. If they don’t meet those requirements, find another instructor.

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$ 125 Avg. Class Price *
  • Know Your Local Requirements
  • Complete Training Class
  • Gather Required Documents
  • Submit Your Application

Steps to Obtaining a CHP in Colorado

1. Know Your Local Requirements: Colorado’s CHP application process is managed at the county level. Each county sheriff’s office may have slight variations in requirements and procedures. Start by finding your county’s sheriff’s office website or contacting them directly.

2. Complete a Colorado Concealed Handgun Training Class: Before applying for a CHP, you must complete a mandatory concealed carry class taught by a verified instructor. This class will educate you on Colorado’s gun laws, safe handling practices, and responsible gun ownership.

3. Gather Required Documents: The required documents will vary by county, but generally will include: Completed CHP application form, Proof of residency (e.g., driver’s license), Fingerprints, Completed background check authorization, Payment for application and fingerprint fees

4. Submit Your Application: Once you have completed the class and gathered the necessary documents, submit your application to your county sheriff’s office. They will process your application, conduct a background check, and notify you of their decision.

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