Shoot Indoors welcomes outside instructors at all of our Colorado ranges!

If you are a certified firearms instructor, you are welcome to bring your students in for the live-fire portion of your classes as long as you meet some minimal requirements:

  1. Show us evidence you are a certified firearms instructor (like an NRA or USCCA instructor card). Electronic versions are fine.
  2. Add the specific Shoot Indoors range to your insurance policy as “Additional Insured”. This is usually free but needs to be done well in advance. More details below…
  3. Every outside instructor needs to have a current Shoot Indoors CORE membership, and every student needs to pay a reduced range fee of $20 (regardless of time spent on the range). Range Fees can be paid by the instructor or individually by the student. Our usual $10 New Shooter Processing Fee is waived for your students.


How do I add additional insured to my firearms instructor or security company insurance policy?

Contact your insurance carrier and ask. Most have support email addresses if you would prefer the easy route. They just need our full business name and address, for example: Shoot Indoors Denver, 410 Raritan Way, Denver, CO 80204. You can copy that from the google maps for each location.

Lockton Affinity policies state “This policy includes coverage for additional Insureds “as required by written contract” via a blanket endorsement. You may name, at no charge, two ranges or classrooms where you provide instruction as Additional Insured (if required by written contract) for claims arising out of your instruction at that range or classroom.”

Delta Shield states “ZERO cost for additional insureds and ZERO cost for certificates of insurance.”

Can I rent your classroom?

Yes, as long as it is not being used for another class during that period. Call the range and ask the manager if the classroom is available during that time and what the cost will be. Each Shoot Indoors location has different classroom rental costs and schedules. Find one that works for you.

Do I get a discount for bringing in multiple students?

No, the price is already reduced to $20 per student.

Do I need to be VERIFIED with my local sheriff in the jurisdiction the student wants to obtain a CHP in?

Legally, yes, effective August 7th, 2024, if your student wishes to obtain a CHP, but this doesn’t impact us. We are just a place you shoot at. This is an issue between you, your student, and their sheriff’s department.

If I teach at multiple ranges, do I need to have each location listed as an additional insured on my policy?

Yes, each Shoot Indoors location is an independent franchise operating under its own LLC. So, you need to have each location (with the address) separately listed.

Do I need to have multiple memberships if I use multiple ranges?

No, Shoot Indoors memberships are good at any Shoot Indoors location, so feel free to pick the most convenient Shoot Indoors location for your students (even if you shoot elsewhere).

Are you going to micromanage my instruction?

No, you are the instructor and we respect that. BUT, we will ask you respect our range rules, especially with regards to rapid fire and holster drawing. The rules are posted on the wall and are located HERE.

Can I do moving and shooting drills with my students?

No, our ranges are only designed for fixed fire from the middle of each shooting position. If you are going all John Wick, we recommend finding an outdoor range.

Can I have my students do holster draws?

Yes, but this needs to be pre-approved by the range officer on the firing line. If no one is on the firing line at that exact second, ask the front counter.

Can I buy my membership online in advance?

Yes, Memberships can be purchased online prior to arrival for each range. You can find more details on the membership pages for each location HERE.

Can I bring my own targets?

Yes you can, but we have a strict policy of no humanoid features on the targets. Silhouette outlines are fine. Many of our customers are just shooting recreationally, so we try to keep the atmosphere geared towards fun and games.

Franchise Opportunities Available

Shoot Indoors is an indoor shooting range franchise that provides the opportunity for anyone to learn firearms safety, become comfortable with firearms, and practice target shooting in a safe, friendly, and clean indoor environment. Shoot Indoors locations do not sell firearms and focus primarily on fun and recreational experiences.