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Rally For Our Rights This Saturday

The City of Boulder is now attempting to ban the sale and possession of the City Attorney’s definition of “assault weapons.” Under his definition, nearly every firearm in the City of Boulder would be subject to confiscation or registration — or YOU would become a criminal for not complying.
Are you ready to show Boulder exactly how many people don’t support its proposed rights infringement?
Then join your fellow Second Amendment supporters at Rally For Our Rights – Boulder – a demonstration in support of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

Saturday April 21st at 1:00 — 3:00 PM in Central Park, at Broadway St. & Canyon Blvd. in Boulder.

This will be a non-permitted event exercising our First Amendment right to protest on public sidewalks and in the public park. There will be no speakers or set agenda. We will be lining Broadway St. as well as Central Park across the street from the City Council building. We will carry flags, banners, and signs. Please make sure your signs are focused on the Second Amendment and not political candidates or other issues.

We will meet at the Bandshell on the corner of 13th Street and Canyon Blvd and spread out from there. There are several parking structures downtown for parking, as well as street parking all over downtown.

Please share this invitation with your friends and other interested parties. It’s time to fight back and make our voices heard. We hope to see you there!

Yours in Freedom,

Amanda Sanders
NRA-ILA Grassroots Field Coordinator


Boulder City Council gives assault-weapons ban initial OK after marathon hearing

Council members may pass it twice more before it becomes an ordinance.
The Boulder City Council on Thursday night unanimously passed on first reading an ordinance that bans the sale and possession of certain firearms defined as assault weapons.

The council adjourned following a more than five-hour-long meeting where nearly 150 people signed up to speak for and against the proposed ordinance, which would also prohibit high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, a device that allows a semi-automatic weapon to be fired more like a fully automatic rifle. By the end of the evening, about 111 people actually spoke, according to Councilmember Sam Weaver.

Read the full story at:

Read this if you live, work or travel through the city of Boulder

The Boulder City Council is scheduled to consider a proposal that would ban most commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms used for self-defense, target shooting and hunting. Language of this proposed ordinance is not currently available. The city council will hold a public hearing on Thursday, April 5 at 6:00 pm, to consider it.
Please plan on attending the meeting and voice opposition to this proposed GUN BAN ordinance.

Please also contact the City Council at 303-441-3002 and urge them to OPPOSE the gun ban ordinance when it comes up for a vote.
Boulder City Council Chambers, 1777 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302 April 5, 2018 at 6:00pm.

Gun and School Safety bill passed into law

NEWTOWN, Conn. — The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industries, today commended President Donald Trump and Congress for signing into law the omnibus legislation containing Fix NICS and Stop School Violence provisions. Both legislative measures were called for by President Trump and supported by NSSF as measures to help ensure firearms remain beyond the reach of prohibited individuals while respecting the rights of law-abiding firearms owners and working to keep children safe.

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) praised legislation for the measures to work with states to ensure all disqualifying mental health and criminal records are uploaded to the FBI and resources are available to intervene to prevent tragedies witnessed in Florida.

“This bill fixes and fully funds the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS), a critical step to keep guns out of the hands of people with a criminal history,” Speaker Ryan said in a press release. “It implements key provisions of the STOP School Violence Act to fund Department of Justice grant programs that help keep schools safe. Overall, the bill provides more than $2.3 billion in new funding for mental health, training, and school safety programs.”

Read the full report at:

Citigroup sets new policy restricting gun sales by its clients reports: “Setting itself apart from other major Wall Street banks, Citigroup took a stance in America’s renewed debate on gun control through a commercial firearms policy announced Thursday. Citi is now mandating that the bank’s new retail sector clients or partners restrict the sale of firearms for people younger than 21 and not sell “bump stocks,” which accelerate the firing of semiautomatic weapons, or high-capacity magazines. The policy also requires those clients not to sell firearms to someone who has not passed a background check, including those whose background checks have not returned after the federally mandated three-day waiting period.

Ed Skyler, Citi’s executive vice president for global public affairs, said in a statement that clients that choose not to adhere to the policy will have their businesses transitioned away from Citi.”

Here’s my personal opinion: when my wife found out that her credit card company had severed business ties with the NRA, she cancelled her credit card and got one from a pro Bill of Rights credit card company. That is one way that we all can make the point that the Bill of Rights is a complete package, and we should not pick and choose the parts that we like or don’t like.


The right to own a gun — Dick Heller

District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), is a landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held, in a 5–4 decision, that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense …

Here is an interview with Mr Heller where he talks about how one man stood up for the Second Amendent.

Support the Fix NICS Act S.2135 !!!

This message comes from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF):
“Contact your U.S. Senators Today
Urge them to support the Fix NICS Act S.2135
Federally licensed firearms retailers rely upon NICS to be accurate in order to prevent the sale and transfer of firearms to prohibited persons. President Trump has called on Congress to address the deficiencies in the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) System. NSSF government relations staff has learned that the U.S. Senate could be voting on the Fix NICS Act, S.2135 as early as this week. This important legislation, which is a top priority of NSSF, will condition federal grants to states to incentivize them to submit disqualifying records into the NICS database, while punishing agencies who fail to do so.

Email and call Colorado’s two U.S. Senators Sen Michael Bennet(D) Phone: 202-224-5852 and Senator Cory Gardner (R) phone: (202) 224-5941 and urge them to support this important bipartisan bill.”

Levi Strauss CEO Asks Gun Owners Not to Bring Weapons Into Stores

Here’s an excerpt from the full Fortune Magazine article:
A few weeks after a deeply divisive election campaign might not seem like the most opportune time for a retailer to step into that hottest of debates in America: gun rights.

But the tense political climate hasn’t stopped Levi Strauss & Co from asking customers to refrain from bringing guns into its U.S. stores even when local law allows them to.

Levi Strauss Chief Executive Chip Bergh made the request in an open letter to customers posted on LinkedIn on Wednesday, aware of the potential to anger many customers, and is seeking to reassure them by saying the move is all about safety and not a political statement.

“It’s not an anti-Second Amendment thing,” Bergh told Fortune in an exclusive interview. The denim apparel
maker stopped short of issuing an outright ban on firearms.
“You don’t need a gun to try on a pair of jeans and it’s really out of respect for the safety of our employees and consumers shopping in our stores,” says the 59-year-old vegan and former U.S. Army captain. Bergh, who is not a gun owner, noted with pride that he has fired weapons countless times and surmised he could still clean a gun blindfolded as he could in his military days.
(Actually, if you carry a pistol inside the pants waistband, you DO need a gun to try on a pair of jeans– John)

Here’s another excerpt from the original article:
“For retailers and restaurants, taking any stand on the hot-button issue of gun control is fraught with risk: they can easily offend a big part of their clientele, but at the same time, the sight of rifle-toting men can unnerve other customers. (Rifle-toting? Are these people so ignorant about guns they don’t know rifle from a revolver? — John) And apart from race, there is perhaps no debate more fractious in the U.S. than the one surrounding gun control.”
Read the full article at:

Center-fire Pistol League

Have you ever wanted to prove that you were a better pistol shooter than your buddies? Now is your chance! Shoot Indoors is hosting a Pistol League, similar to a Glock shoot but you can use any manufacturer’s firearm! Are you a fan of Springfield, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer or Ruger? Whatever your favorite handgun is, it is welcome to be used it must be a .32cal or larger Centerfire pistol.
Shoots are held on Sunday nights and there are always awards and a Potluck Dinner at the end of the League.
Join us and show everyone what you and your favorite handgun can do! Pre-registration is required to reserve your spot!
Sign up today @ call 303-854-9102 or stop in!

League start date: February 18th @ 7:00pm
Mandatory pre-shoot meeting: February 18th, 2018 @ 6:00pm

At the pre-shoot meeting Safety procedures will be reviewed as well as range commands and target scoring.
RULES: NRA Pistol Rules will apply, except where specific exceptions are made.
GUNS: Any safe .32cal or larger centerfire revolver or semi-automatic pistol may be used.
SIGHTS: Telescopic, metallic or electronic are permitted with the exception of a sight that projects an image onto the target.
POSITION: All shooting is done from the standing position using one hand, and no support is allowed.
TARGET and DISTANCE: B2 slow fire target, and B3 timed and rapid fire at 50 feet.
SHOTS PER TARGET: 10 shots per target.
SLOW FIRE: 10 rounds in 10 minutes
TIMED FIRE: 10 rounds in two five-shot strings at 20 seconds per string.
RAPID FIRE: 10 rounds in two five-shot strings at 10 seconds per string.
AGGREGATE: The aggregate course is 30 shots that must be fired as a complete unit in the same session in order to qualify as a viable course of fire. Each qualifying course of fire must meet or exceed the minimum score or the complete aggregate must be re-fired.
Sundays starting February 18th for 10 weeks.
Shooters will pay a $20 onetime signup fee
First run each week is $15
Makeup runs are $13
Prizes are determined at the discretion of SHOOT INDOORS Management.
SHOOT INDOORS Management reserves the right to change this program at any time. Range # 303-854-9102